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The Hidden Mold Dangers of Apartment Living

by Catherine

I subscribe to an informative and well-written newsletter from SinusitisWellness.com, which is affiliated with MicroBalance Health Products. The latest newsletter that I received from them contained an article about apartment living, and some of the hidden mold dangers inherent in living in multiple-occupancy buildings. This article, in particular, hit home with me, because my family has moved frequently with my husband’s job, and thus, we have lived in our fair share of apartments and rental homes.

The main takeaway from the article is that, no matter where you live, you have to be vigilant about water intrusion, leaks, etc., and the way that they can Flooded apartmentpotentially make your home unsafe, if left untreated. As I see it, we are all the ultimate guardians of our environments, our families and our health. It is always worth it to ask questions, to demand proper maintenance and to safeguard our living environments with non-toxic, effective products and tools.

Here is a link to article: https://www.sinusitiswellness.com/the-dark-side-of-rental-living/


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