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Mold Found in San Antonio Schools

by Catherine

I just wanted to link to this story in the news about mold in a San Antonio school. The most important takeaway, in my opinion, from this short article is the fact that the school system is recognizing mold as a potential health threat. They are also acting swiftly and aggressively to alleviate the problem and to fix it. To me, this shows that we are getting somewhere. No one wants to be in an environment that is unsafe for their health–let alone, subject their child(ren) to that environment.

The article does not indicate whether or not anyone has already had or complained of health issues related to the mold. While that information may come out at a later date, I find encouragement in the proactive actions the school district is taking to keep the children and its employees safe.

Have you ever worried about mold in your child(ren)’s school? If so, have you ever addressed it with the school? How did they respond?

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