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The Hidden Dangers of Fungi

by Catherine
The most common organism implicated in fungal infections is Candida. Photo: Ed Uthman

The most common organism implicated in fungal infections is Candida. Photo: Ed Uthman

Sports Nutritionist Craig Burton recently wrote a powerful article in The Phuket Gazette about the hidden dangers of fungal overgrowth in the body.

While Candida overgrowth and its causes were rare in decades past, Burton links the prevalence of ailments associated with Candida to our overuse of pharmaceuticals–namely antibiotics–to moldy living environments, and to excessive sugar in our diets.

It is an great read and very informative. Most insightful to those of use looking to make a lifestyle change, in terms of diet, to get rid of Candida in the gut, is his description of the toxins produced when the fungi begin to die off. They release poison as they die and can give people “symptoms like nausea, headaches, colds, flu, mood swings, depression and joint/muscular pain.” Thus, sticking with the detox through these symptoms is difficult, but must be done to overcome the Candida.

I hope you read the article and gain some new insights of your own.

Are you on a Candida diet? If so, did it or is it working for you? Did you experience any negative side effects? I definitely did when I came off of sugar. I would love to hear from you about tips or tricks to sticking to it.

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