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How To Eat, Pray and Get Well

by Catherine

Erin Porter is inspiring. She is the founder of EatPrayGetWell, a blog she started to combine her passions for the healing powers of proper diet and good food, photography, and prayer, with her personal triumph over chronic disease caused by mold.

Erin battled with chronic disease for over 25 years, enduring several unnecessary surgeries, and over 100 courses of antibiotics, and has dedicated her life to encouraging people to find out the root cause of their illness.  Erin also teaches people how to eat a healthy diet to promote healing. Eat, Pray, Get Well not only includes recipes and health tips, but most recipes come with an encouraging or positive story.  In her own words, Erin says, “I am interested in helping people heal not just physically but emotionally as well.”

A longer version of her story can be found here on her website.

An integral part of Erin’s journey to health occurred when she found Doug Kaufmann’s television program Know the Cause. The program forced her to look at her living environments and diet as sources of her chronic illness–Erin had lived in moldy environments and was addicted to sugar at the time. She had never considered fungus as a possible culprit for her sinus infections. Once she made the “fungus link,” the discovery was life changing.

The now healthy, happy, and vibrant Erin Porter shares her knowledge of food and its power to heal on her blog EatPrayGetWell.

Thankfully, armed with this new information, Erin found a ENT who understood fungal sinusitis, completed Phase 1 of Doug Kaufmann’s recommend diet (then eventually phase II), and incorporated anti-fungals into her routine. Her world transformed!

Recently, Erin was able to meet Doug Kaufmann and to appear on his show. Here is a link to the podcast from that interview.

I hope you find it both inspirational and informative. I would also recommend checking out Erin’s blog and the Know the Cause website. For those of us concerned with mold, both are wonderful resources.


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