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Mold in the News: Ambulance Station Being Demolished Due to Mold

by Catherine

Today, I’m bringing a news piece to you to show how important it is to speak up, if your working environment seems to be negatively affecting your health.

In Ozark County, MO, a very busy ambulance station is being demolished, because of toxic mold. Here is a link to the full article.

When many of the workers began getting sick while on their shifts at the station–nose bleeds, running noses, watery eyes, the facility was investigated by a hazmat team. The team found nine different types of mold in the station–most of it located in or near the area where the medics slept while on their shifts. It is notable that the medics interviewed ONLY claimed to feel sick WHILE at work in the toxic building.

The most interesting part of this article, in my opinion, is the fact that the building is going to be demolished, rather than fixed. Demolition and rebuilding is actually seen as the cheaper, safer alternative to remediation. This tells me that the folks in charge realize the dangers and expense involved in eradicating mold when it has gotten this bad. Toxic mold is no joke. When it becomes prevalent, with spores being release through HVAC units and moisture levels that are off the charts, it is probably the wiser decision to leave, or in this case, demolish that living environment.

My blog is mostly directed to people whose home is not toxic and who want the skills and advice on how to keep it that way. This article is extremely important to read, though, because it imparts information that shows that mold is going more mainstream, and people are understanding how detrimental it can be to health.

I would love to hear from anyone who had to have their work environment investigated or tested for mold. Did you get sick while at work? Do you have any lasting effects from working in a moldy environment? What did you do about it?




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