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Mold In the News: Public Health Department Offering Mold Test Kits

by Catherine


mold test plates

EC3 Test plates (not part of the news story) are also easy-to-use and accessible to anyone wishing to test their indoor air or environments for mold.

While this story comes to us from Nebraska, I find it so encouraging, because people concerned for their health initiated the change. According to the story, the Southwest Nebraska Public Health Department got so many phone calls about mold testing, that they decided to sell the kits at their offices, immunization clinics and by mail. In other words, the health problems associated with mold are going mainstream. Not only that, but people are genuinely interested in finding out if their living environments are healthy.

The kits that the Health Department is offering are only capable of testing actual materials or visible mold and not air quality. The samples can be easily taken and sent to a reputable lab for third party results. (Quick Note: EC3 Mold Test Kits can collect both air samples and material samples, if you are interested in testing for mold yourself.)

I encourage you to read the short story and to get excited for the direction that the health care powers that be are beginning to take to acknowledge mold as a legitimate health concern.

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