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Misdiagnosed Life Podcast and Interview with Dr. Donald Dennis

by Catherine

Today, I am sharing a wonderful interview from the Misdiagnosed Life Podcast, part of the America Out Loud Network. For those who have never heard of America Out Loud, it is a network that leverages content from proven experts, covering everything from hard news and politics, to society and personal, talker-type stories that “embrace the human spirit.” Here is a link to their website and network.

On this particular podcast, entitled “Sinus Problems: More than Just a Runny Nose?!!!,” Health Coach Beverly Butler interviews Dr. Donald Dennis an ENT and chronic sinusitis expert. donald-dennism-d-picture

Dr. Dennis has a 94% cure rate with his patients, which is almost unbelievable! His game-changing discovery to helping even some of his sickest patients was the undeniable link between sinus inflammation, in addition to a multitude of other symptoms, and mold. This link spurred Dr. Dennis to create, not only a sinus protocol to address and treat the mold, but safe, all-natural products for his patients to use in their homes to clean for the mold. Dr. Dennis is especially pertinent to this blog, because he is the inventor behind my favorite EC3 products, and the products that are part of MicroBalance protocol for sinus health and mold detoxification.

Here are two links to the podcast interview with Dr. Dennis and write-up on the America Out Loud Network:  https://bit.ly/2dioLX4 or https://americaoutloud.com/sinus-problems-just-runny-nose/.

In an effort to always bring my readers original content and information, I reached out to Dr. Dennis, for an exclusive interview and got him to answer some additional questions about the information he shared on the podcast. What follows is that exchange.

Me: Hi, Dr. Dennis. I really enjoyed listening to the podcast. It really hammered the point home that no one can live in a mold-infested environment and expect to stay well. I know mold awareness and cleaning for mold is important, when it comes to overall health, because of my own experience with mold-related sickness, but, I fear that the general population is still wary of the mold in your indoor environment/sickness connection. What would you say to someone doubting that mold has such a significant impact on overall health?

DD: That is a good question. Since 80% of the population does not have the mold gene for hypersensitivity, and  most do not have the MTHFR gene that changes B12 into a useable molecule, most people do not get sick in toxic mold environments, however, most people do get harmed, even without symptoms. Those that do get sick have debilitating symptoms and cognitive dysfunction, along with other symptoms in most body systems and can easily become quite sick, to the point of permanent disability, or even death for some people. So, it is key to get out of the mold environment as soon as possible, and not take anything with you that has not been washed in EC3 Laundry Additive. Finding a place in which you begin to notice that you are feeling better is the key. Unless a person feels better in an environment, they will never recover, because it means they are still breathing in more toxins than they are removing.

Me: Wow. That may be daunting for some people. It is that serious, though. For example, do you think it goes too far to say that mold at certain levels and toxicities can negatively affect every system in the body?

DD: No it is not an exaggeration. It is a very true scientific statement for many people.

Me: Can mold even affect those people without the genetic predisposition to the “mold allergy”?

DD: Yes, the mold allergy and the toxin sensitivity are different. Most people with the sensitivity also do not have the ability to remove the toxins from their body. And people who are not sensitive to mold can also not have the ability to remove mold mycotoxins from their body. Mold can cause many symptoms, all of which can occur with toxic mold exposure and resolve when both mold and the toxins are removed from the environment and the body. Examples of a symptom list are vertigo, dizziness, deafness, Gastric Reflux Disease (GERD), Candidiasis, Pulmonary Aspergillosi , Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), diarrhea, bloating, gas, muscle weakness, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, cognitive dysfunction, memory loss, Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiac Arrhythmia, flu-like symptoms, tremors, seizures, immune suppression, IgG Subclass deficiency, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, cough, Asthma, Bronchitis, muscle and joint pain, severe headaches, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), food allergies, pituitary damage, Multiple Hormone Deficiencies (Thyroid, Cortisol, Growth Hormone, Estrogen, Testosterone etc.), Skin Disorders, Psoriasis, Rashes, Muscle pain and Weakness, Muscle Paralysis, Bladder Paralysis, Systemic Inflammation, Hair Loss.

Me. No wonder there is such much confusion and controversy with mold-related illness! Can you be totally without sinus symptoms, but still be displaying mold-related sickness?

DD: Yes. You may not display sinus symptoms, yet the mold toxins may still cause immune suppression, eventual autoimmune disease, and some cases malignancies.

Me: What if you cannot see mold in your home, but are having mold sickness symptoms? What is a good plan of action?

DD: Air test and TAP test your home with SDA agar mold plates. For moderate disease, you need 0-4 colonies per 1 hr mold plate exposure and 0-6 on TAP test. For severe sickness, the Air test needs to be 0-2 colonies and the TAP test needs to be 0-4 colonies. And test the humidity in each room. Humidity should not exceed 50% and below 40%. Once you find the source of the moisture, fix it, dry it by dehumidification and treat it with EC3 Mold Solution in a spray or fogger  (the Sani-Tizer fogger on Amazon is a good one). Fogging allows you to treat large areas,  like an entire house quickly, because it propels out a fine mist up to 30 ft.  If you are sick, remove the mold from your nose with the “clean your nose protocol” and increase your immunity to mold with Sinus Defense and Thymic formula.

Me: You talk a lot in the podcast about a patient’s ability to take the reins and to heal him or herself. I love that. Can you elaborate about some steps listeners can take today, after listening to the podcast and after reading this to make their homes safer and more conducive to health and wellness?

DD: Yes. The best things to do are to test your home with both air and Tap testing using SDA agar mold plates, test your humidity ( keep it between 40-50%), filter your air with either a central April Aire 5000 filter and/or room HEPA air filtration with an IQ air or Whirplool HEPA filter. If your mold counts are up, spray or fog the area with EC3 Mold Solution, place an EC3 Candle in the area, wash your clothes in EC3 Laundry Additive. Do not use a front loader washer as there are class action law suits for mold contamination in these units.

Me: What things do you do on a daily basis to stay healthy? What mold protocols do you employ in your life and your home to keep mold levels in the safe zone?

DD: On a daily basis since mold enters through the nose, I rinse out my nose with saline and use CitirDrop nose spray afterwards. If I have had a mold exposure or feel  congestion and irritation, I add CitriDrops, 4-8 drops to my nasal salt water rinse. Then I support my immune system with Thymic formula and use Sinus Defense  under the tongue spray to increase my resistance to mold and CellTropin to support the endocrine system. In the home and office, I use a central system AprilAire 5000 filter with a plug-in HEPA IQ Air filter in each room that I spend more than 1 hr per day in. If there is any mold issue, I find out the source of moisture, remove it and fog the area with EC3 Mold Solution using a Sani-Tizer fogger from Amazon and burn an EC3 Candle until the area is clear.

Me: Do you have any MicroBalance or EC3 product that is your go-to? Why?

DD: Yes. We use EC3 products on the go. First, when we travel, we try to find a place that will be most likely to not have a mold problem, like newer construction, or hotels that have had renovation including complete replacement of the HVAC system, to places that have “PURE” rooms, which means that they have HEPA filters and no carpet, like Marriott and others. We always take the EC3 Candles and the EC3 Travel Spray or larger spray bottle. If the room smells moldy or musty, we move immediately and get a room that does not smell. Then we light 1 or 2 candles, spray the room and go to dinner so the air will be free of any contamination when we return. We do this to avoid mold exposure, which depresses our immune systems and causes sinus symptoms.

Me: What great and unexpected travel advice! Thank you so much for answering my questions, and for all you are doing to help people help themselves, in terms of cleaning for mold and making their homes safe. I hope my readers will listen to the podcast and will check out the products on your websites.

For a full product catalog, visit Microbalancehealthproducts.com.


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