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Relief from Mold Illness With Dr. Dennis on “Know The Cause”

by Catherine

I hinted that this was coming in a previous post, so today, here it is: Dr. Donald Dennis talking about his experience with and treatment of mold- and fungal-related sickness on the Know the Cause television show with Doug Kaufmann. So that I am not boring you with repetitive details, should you want to know more about any background info not included in this post, HERE IS THE LINK to my previous post, where I tell you all about Know the Cause and Doug Kaufmann’s work to bring awareness to the masses about the root cause of many diseases and systemic illnesses. Kaufmann is a pioneer and a truly great person, so I highly recommend that you check out his site, his podcast, and his television program. He is also the author of many fantastic books, one of which, Eating Your Way to Good Health, changed the way I look at food, eat and cook for my family. It’s a game changer, in terms of eating to combat fungus. Hopefully, I can write about it in another post. But, I digress…

This is one of my favorite books by Kaufmann that offers a great and accessible anti-fungal approach to diet, eating and cooking.

This particular episode (Click HERE to view the entire episode on the Know the Cause website) features Dr. Dennis discussing the basics of what he does in his office for patients who are suffering with mold illness and fungal-related disease.

Dr. Dennis is unique, in that he takes the time to really get to know and understand his patients, their symptoms and the consequences of their illness. In this program, he takes the viewer through a typical office visit with him and explains some of the EC3 products that he created to help his patients.

Most engaging and compelling are the testimonial from Mary at the beginning of the show, and the slides that Dr. Dennis uses to illustrate what mold and fungus do to the body. Mary ‘s story is poignant and real to me, because I get it. I am sure, if you are reading this post especially, that you too probably get it. The scenario with mold is often the same:

You have been “fine” health-wise all of your life. Then, you move into a new home or condo, and your life seems to go downhill—you are sick all of the time, have low energy, your allergies continue to increase to things and foods that you never had trouble with in the past, and then, the depression sets in. Yes, depression. Maybe doctors have started to tell you that they just can’t figure out what is wrong, and you start to fear that being “sick” is your new normal. Maybe your husband or partner is fine, and thinks the fact that you suspect your new home of making you sick is all in your head. Maybe you have missed so much work due to sickness that you have lost your job, or cannot physically engage in the things in your life anymore that make you happy. All of these things are mold-related and cause depression. Then, there is the bigger issue that Dr. Dennis discusses after Mary’s testimonial: depression or neurological issues can actually be caused by mold being physically present inside of your body.

There are molds that emit toxins—or mycotoxins. If you are exposed to those molds, they can enter through your nose, lodge inside your sinus and be absorbed into your tissues and bloodstream. Once in your blood and your tissues, they can emit neurotoxins that can and do affect your brain. So as Dr. Dennis illustrates with slides in the show, the obvious presence of these neurotoxins could actually be the CAUSE of depression, neurological or psychological changes. WHOA! I realize the science is not quite there yet, but to me, all of this makes a lot of sense. The good news is, according to Dr. Dennis, that once the mold is physically removed from their tissue, the patient gets better, and the neurological symptoms disappear. But what if you don’t know mold is the problem? What if your doctor doesn’t know to remove the mold from your body or to treat the mold at all? What if you cannot find the help you need, or never clean up your environment? All of these things keep me up at night, and are the reason why this blog exists.

I realize all of this is pretty heavy, but I really hope you will take a moment to watch the show and learn more about mold illness. If you suspect that mold or fungus are causing your health issues, give Dr. Dennis or MicroBalance Health Products (the company that manufactures and distributes the products created by Dr. Dennis) a call, or write into Know the Cause. These are all people who will listen to you and people who can help. You can always reach out to me as well. I love to help.

Take care and be well!

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