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Mold in the News: Deadly Fungal Infections Now Reported in the U.S.

by Catherine

This is breaking news, so I wanted to be sure to bring it to your attention.

Today, THIS STORY about resistant strains of an invasive fungal infection is being circulated throughout news media in the U.S. What is interesting to me is that this story is not so new. Since my family and I have accepted that we are vulnerable in the “mold world” now for about 3 years, I have seen and heard hauntingly similar scenarios multiple times.

A patient is sick after moving into a new home. Their immune system becomes totally shot from trying to fend off the mold onslaught, and they all of a sudden become sick with every aliment under the sun. They have Candida patches growing on their skin and severe respiratory problems. Because they were in good health prior to moving into the home, it then takes time to finally figure out that they have mold.  They are then given the choice to either get out or remediate the home, and then seek proper medical treatment from a doctor or doctors skilled in treating mold-exposure patients. Only then, are they able to regain health and vitality over time. Some people, like myself, take years to recover and must employ more than one detox method to cleanse their bodies of not only the fungus, but the toxins left behind by the fungus. It is a scary and serious issue that, for some reason, is controversial to speak of, because traditional medicine still has doubts about the seriousness or existence of “toxic mold.”

Today’s news story is a long time coming, and will thankfully reach many of the mold doubters in a place that speaks more to them. It takes the angle of separating the reader from the scariness of the issue by saying that most of the patients who are getting these fatal fungal infections are, in fact, extremely immune-compromised before the fungal exposure.  Many are transplant patients, or are on respirators and in the hospital for serious diseases and/or conditions prior to acquiring the fungal infections. Because these fungal infections appear to be resistant to most antifungal drugs, they are particularly frightening to the medical community.

Tom Chiller, the CDC’s top fungal expert said, “This is a paradigm shift, because Candida is not generally thought of as highly resistant or passed person to person.”

What’s scary to me is that I now definitely think of mold as highly resistant, and able to pass from person to person. For example, once mold has fully infested your home and become airborne, you MUST get professional help to remove, remediate, smother and kill all mold spores AND mycotoxins. If anything is left, you will get sick again. If someone or an animal tracks mold into your home or you bring a piece of furniture into your home that is contaminated with mold, it will permeate your home, unless you consistently employ counter-resistant methods, like cleaning with the EC3 products, using the EC3 Air Purification Candles, and rinsing your nose with saline mixed with CitriDrops to remove the mold and keep you well.

Long story short, read the article. If nothing else, it is informative, and rather alarming. I would also caution you to keep up the proactive work of keeping your environments and body clean of mold and fungus. The whole idea is to build immunity and to strengthen the body against microbial and fungal invaders. When you live in a moldy environment or breathe contaminated air, your immune system cannot do the job it is designed to do to keep you well.

I the next week or so, I will be posting an article/interview with Dr. Dennis about a homeopathic oral spray that he developed, called Sinus Defense. Please look out for it, because Sinus Defense is revolutionary and was designed to help his patients to build their fungal resistance. With this story out there in the news, a solution like Sinus Defense might just be your ticket to maintaining your health.

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