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Increasing Mold Tolerance With Sinus Defense

by Catherine

The immune system acts as the body’s first defense against infection and illness. Your immune system recognizes every cell in your body. When something unfamiliar enters your system, like a virus, a parasite or bacteria, your immune system fights to get rid of it. So, have you ever heard of cell-mediated immunity? It refers to immunity that does not involve antibodies, but rather, the activation of Thymus cells (T-cells) in response to an antigen, like mold. T-cells are the core of our body’s adaptive immunity to allergens. Cell-mediated immunity is directed primarily at microbes that infect cells. It is also the most effective in defending against mold, because once T-cells are activated against an antigen for removal, they will remember that same invader for future removal. So, the next time you encounter something like mold, your T-cells will be quick to remove it. Since mold is an antigen that exists everywhere, this type of efficient immune response would be ideal in dealing with it and lessening an onslaught of debilitating symptoms.

Even though the concept of cell-mediated immunity has been around for decades, it is sort of just coming onto the medical scene as a more holistic way of treating long-term, debilitating disease and chronic illness. I’ve actually been reading about it for some time now, and became extremely interested in exploring its possible benefits for myself. I thought it could help with my inflammatory response to mold. After all, fungus is everywhere, and I cannot totally escape it, even with a mold-free home. Also, now that my body has essentially hit its “mold threshold,” with my exposure to the toxic mold in our home, I have trouble handling mold exposure, even on a small scale anymore. No matter how much I think I am protecting myself, I only have to enter a building with water damage or something, sometimes for only 2 minutes, and I end up really, really sick for days afterwards

Dr. Dennis introduced me to a product he created called, Sinus Defense.

(Read Dr. Dennis’s Bio HERE. You can also read my previous posts on Dr. Dennis by clicking on these links:



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Sinus Defense is a homeopathic, sublingual spray that is designed to help your body ignite its t-cell immunity to molds and other microbes, so that patients, like me, who are extremely mold-sensitive, can find relief.  Because there are numerous antigens and many species of mold, it was designed to cover the broadest array, since mold spores exist almost everywhere. Sinus Defense comes in a small spray bottle that can be administered anyplace and anytime.

Even with only knowing the basics, I was all in and willing to try it out. Also, since Sinus Defense would not interact with any other supplements or regiments I was on, I wanted to start right away. I did, and the results have been nothing less than miraculous. I can honestly say that this product works. I can also honestly say that I use it EVERYDAY. For the purposes of this post and full disclosure, I will say that my daily “maintenance” dose is 3-4 sprays, under my tongue, 1-2 times per day. I will also tell you that when I go into an environment that seems moldy, or if I start feeling sick, I increase my dosage to 8 sprays under my tongue 2-3 times per day. (Note: This regimen was personally prescribed for me by Dr. Dennis and may be different from the directions on the Sinus Defense bottle. I am hyper-sensitive to mold, and this is what works best for me. This may not be the dosage that works for you.)

As you can see, Sinus Defense, CitriDrops Dietary Supplement and CitriDrops Nasal Spray are at the front of my medicine cabinet. I use all 3 products everyday. They help me to stay well.

I interviewed Dr. Dennis about my experience with using Sinus Defense and about how and why the product works.
Here is our exchange:

Me: Today, I want to talk with you specifically about Sinus Defense. I have been using it daily now for about 4 months, and the change in my health has been profound. I can actually tolerate indoor environments where I know that there is mold. Before, if I entered someone’s home, or a restaurant that had higher mold counts, or even sat next to someone in a movie theater with mold on their clothes, I would have an “episode”—my sinuses would swell shut, my heart would start racing and I’d be down for the count with flu-like symptoms for days afterward. Since using the Sinus Defense, I am still hyper aware of the mold and still try to avoid moldy environments as much as possible, but it doesn’t affect me as severely. Take for example a recent exposure I had while on spring break with my kids: We went to a train museum where there were some 80-year-old restored train cars, which museum-goers could walk through and explore. The cars were just in the train yard and were not used or conditioned, so as you can imagine, they were FULL of mold. I was able to walk through 2 cars with my children, look around, and take some pictures without suffering from a mold-related reaction. I will say that as soon as I exited the cars, I squirted my nose with the CitiriDrops Nasal Spray to clear it of mold spores, and I upped my dose of the Sinus Defense to 9 sprays 2 times that day, instead of my normal 6 sprays 1 time a day. With just that minimal added precaution, I was able to avoid being sick. To me, that is amazing!

Can you explain to my readers, in laymen’s terms, why the Sinus Defense helped my body (a body that is extremely allergic to mold) to withstand that mold hit?

DD: Yes. When I was formulating Sinus Defense, I wanted to find a way to transfer normal immunity to molds, their toxins, and the co-infections and chronic diseases molds can cause when they get in a patient’s body and lower their immune system. These chronic conditions consist of things like, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, ALS, nongonoccal urethritis, asthma, Lyme Disease, etc. So, looking into the literature, I found transfer factor (TF). TF was discovered by Sherwood Lawrence in 1949. He found that the fluid from white blood cells from patients who were exposed to Tuberculosis could transfer immunity to patients who were not exposed to Tuberculosis. Today, we find TF naturally occurring in Colostrums (colostrum is the mother’s first milk that serves as nature’s mechanism of transferring the mother’s immunity to her child) and in egg yolks. So, if an animal is exposed to the molds, bacteria, and co-infection organisms that occur in chronic sinusitis, TF to all of these substances is then present in their Colostrums or the yolks of their eggs. I used this concept to formulate Sinus Defense with TF in it that has high immunity to molds, etc. This is referred to as cell-mediated immunity. Cell- mediated immunity is an immune response that does not involve antibodies, but rather involves the activation of T-cells (Thymus cells) in response to an antigen (mold). T-cells are the core of our body’s adaptive immunity to allergens.  Cell-mediated immunity is directed primarily at microbes that infect cells. It is also the most effective immune response in defending the body against mold.  Mold is an antigen that exists everywhere and triggers an over-reactive immune response that causes many different symptoms.

To explain more simply why it worked so well for you, Sinus Defense is a homeopathic, Colostrum-based product that introduces Transfer Factor to patients when they spray it  2-3 times daily under the tongue. This type of dosing provides good absorption, directly into the circulation. The results can be felt in hours and days, rather than months. This mechanism can be more effective against large antigen loads, including mold, as it directly attaches itself to the antigens, neutralizing them from the body. That is precisely why you were able to be inside the moldy train car without getting terribly sick.

Me: In the beginning of this post, I talk about what Sinus Defense is, but could you talk a little more about why it was developed in the first place? How long did it take you to develop the formula that is currently available through MicroBalance Health Products?

DD: It took 20 years. It is a long story. Years ago, we took the 13 sickest chronic sinusitis patients who always had infection and nasal polyps regardless of all treatment. We started them on the TF that we knew contained all the immune factors. After 2 months, they all got well. Testimonials of a typical improvement are on the web page.  Before we started the treatment, we took their white blood cells, and we took another sample after they got well. We designed the lab experiment and sent it to a lab in San Diego. When you incubate the white blood cells (WBC) of a patient with chronic sinusitis with the mold Alternaria, the WBC’s secrete inflammatory molecules called  Interlukins 5 (IL5). But, normal people’s WBC does not secrete IL5. So, before treatment, all these folks’ WBC’s secreted IL5 when in contact with the mold Alternaria, but after the treatment, their WBCs either made much less IL5 or no IL5. So, we know both by my patient observation and by cellular immunology that Sinus Defense was working.

Some added product literature that comes with Sinus Defense spray when you order it. This just adds to Dr. Dennis’s explanation of how and why it works.

Me: That is incredible! What an amazing story. Your patients must have been so relieved to finally conquer their chronic sinusitis.

I know that the Sinus Defense Spray is homeopathic. Many times, homeopathic remedies get a bad rap, because people doubt their effectiveness and think they are the “snake oil” of pharmaceuticals. What do you tell your patients and what can you tell my readers about the product that would help them to think differently?

DD: Well, I was one of those people who thought homeopathies were not very good. But after using science and patient observation, I know that this homeopathic remedy works for the vast majority of people who use it correctly and get into a safe environment away from mold.

Me: Do you find that our bodies react to homeopathic medicines more positively than pharmaceutical drugs?

DD: Some do, some do not. Some people are just more receptive to homeopathies than others.

Me: How can Sinus Defense work on a mold patient, when it needs to call on their immune system and that system is so weak and depleted in the first place?

DD: Sinus Defense patients can have a depleted immune system, and it still works, because it works like an antibody to mark the cell for destruction, so the body does not have to make the antibody itself.

Me: Now for a question that may seem a little controversial: Should everyone, not just people who are allergic to mold use Sinus Defense? I have my own ideas about this, but want to hear your take. If so, why?

DD: Yes. It has the major TFs for the molds and bacteria that attack the head and neck so anyone can benefit.

Me: Should Sinus Defense be treated like a supplement? As in, should people take it everyday, regardless of if they are sick or not?

DD: Yes, mold patients should and people who tend to get frequent infections.

 Me: Is long-term use of the product dangerous? Will it start to not work as well over time?

DD: No, it cannot harm anyone. It will always work the same depending upon the air mold load. The more mold, the less it works, because you are breathing in more than it can kill.

Me: Will patients build up enough of their own defenses against mold to not have to use it anymore?

 DD: Some will, but it is always good to have it on hand to give yourself the boost not to get sick, if possible.

Whew! I think that I have grilled you enough. Thank you so much for answering my questions and for giving me so much of your time. I am really excited about sharing this with my readers. This product is one that I truly believe is capable of helping people who suffer from mold-related illness improve their quality of life. Your dedication and tireless efforts to help people and to bring awareness to this cause are much appreciated.

To learn more about Dr. Dennis, his ENT practice and all of the products that he has created and developed to help people who suffer from mold-related illness, please click on the links below. Also, if I can help to answer any questions about Sinus Defense, feel free to comment on this post.



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