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Allergy Relief with MicroBalance Health Products on Know The Cause

by Catherine

What happens when products and health solutions are created by a renowned doctor simply because he cannot find the products and solutions that his patients desperately need already on the existing market? I’ll go ahead and tell you—mold allergy relief, that’s what happens.

MicroBalance Health Products was born a little over 8 years ago with the patients of Dr. Donald Dennis specifically in mind. One, in particular, struck a chord with Dr. Dennis, because the patient was constantly plagued by sinus infections and general illness no matter what treatment they tried. When the patient finally left his regular indoor environments to vacation at the beach, he miraculously got well. This was Dr. Dennis’s eureka moment: The source of the illness was environmental—mold, and, a mold-free environment, like the beach was the answer for not just this patient, but many other chronic sinusitis patients. Then, Dr. Dennis created a few core products in 2008 that were only available for his patients through the compounding pharmacy in his building. Later, MicroBalance was born to make those products and more available to everyone. Today, the company has grown to offer 9 very targeted and diverse products to their customers. Each product combats mold at the source, whether in the body or in the indoor environment.

Today, I want to take you on a little “behind-the-scenes” tour of the company and its products. Our guides will be Paul Scheib, the COO and Doug Kaufmann from Know the Cause.

To facilitate that tour, today’s post features a short video clip that I think you will really like. This is a clip of an interview that Doug did with Paul about the MicroBalance Health Products portfolio of products. It is designed to help viewers better understand what each product does, and why the company has been so effective with helping its customers get the mold allergy relief that they are desperately seeking.


As Paul illustrates in the clip, MicroBalance is completely focused on and driven by patients. For example, even though Paul is the COO, he still answers the phones and speaks directly with customers on a daily basis. He, like Dr. Dennis, understands that mold patients have many times been overlooked, dismissed, and doubted about their symptoms and about mold being the cause of their sickness. He understands that many of his customers are calling, because they are striving to help themselves when conventional medicine has failed them. This is one of the biggest reasons that I am loyal to and love their products so much.

Paul concludes the clip by going through the list of products and briefly describing what each does and is used for—which is extremely helpful, especially if you are on the fence about purchasing one vs. another.

I hope you will watch it and learn a little more.

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