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The Immune-Boosting Benefits of Alkaline Structured Silver

by Catherine

Dr. Gordon Pedersen on Medicinal Silver As a Tool for Treating Mold Illness, Candida, and Yeast

Most of us who suffer from mold- or environmentally-triggered illness are familiar with the uses of medicinal silver and silver solutions as natural treatment options for bacteria and yeast. Silver has long-been considered a holistic intervention for infections to be used instead of antibiotics. It has also been touted in the mold illness community for its usefulness against biofilms in nasal washes for the treatment of MARCoNs and fungal sinus infections. But, even though its health benefits have been studied and known for centuries, for some reason, silver seems to still be underappreciated and often pushed aside in favor of the latest buzzed-about supplement or treatment modality. I’ll admit, I had actually sort of forgotten about silver and its benefits myself. I always keep a bottle of Silver Sol on-hand, but hadn’t really needed it or considered using it lately. But, when some familiar Candida symptoms (post-meal discomfort, bloating, indigestion, and brain fog) started to crop up again for me recently, I soon rediscovered silver in a very new light.

Recurring Candida

Because of the ulcerative colitis that I acquired as an autoimmune piece of my mold toxicity, I still struggle from time-to-time with flares and really have to stay on top of my diet and keeping my environment mold-free to keep Candida and GI issues at bay. My colon was so ulcerated and compromised from living in the mold that, even though I consider myself recovered, I am still much more susceptible than the average person to fungal- or bacterially-triggered gut issues and infections. Candida overgrowth seems to be one of those for me. Maybe it is because of my sensitivity to mold, but if I am in a musty environment for any length of time these days, and then get stressed out or have a glass of wine, Candida can start to take hold pretty quickly for me. I try to stay on top of it as best I can by taking binders proactively if I know I had an exposure, and by doing nasal rinses and doubling my Sinus Defense doses, but sometimes that is just not enough. I wanted to find something else for my treatment arsenal to be more targeted at the fungus without completely killing off my gut microbiome in the process. That is the problem with most yeast cleanse supplements–they wipe out everything, including your bacterial protection against Candida in your gut. It was during my research on long-term remedies for Candida that the alkaline structured silver products of Dr. Gordon Pedersen came to my attention. As a matter of fact, I was listening to a podcast on yeast and Candida when I was introduced to Dr. Pedersen and his work with silver as a Candida-specific treatment option.

Like I said earlier, I had used silver intermittently in my mold treatment in nasal washes, and in swishes and gargles to combat yeast in my nose, mouth, and throat, but had never really considered silver as an option for treating my gastrointestinal system. I did know of silver’s antimicrobial and antifungal properties, but had never really gone very deep or looked into the science as to why silver is effective and how it works.  I have always been concerned about the safety of using silver long-term (doesn’t everyone remember the blue man who was a guest on Oprah?), and whether or not pathogens develop resistance to it over time, similar to antibiotic resistance. I had always only considered silver a temporary tool for treating an active infection.

Dr. Gordon Pedersen

Well, what I learned during that podcast was truly an education and got me wanting to research and read everything I could get my hands on about silver. As I did this, Dr. Pedersen’s name, work, and educational resources kept coming up again and again. As it turns out, Dr. Pedersen is considered to be the leading authority on medicinal uses of silver. In addition, he is Board-Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, is a naturopathic doctor with a PhD in Toxicology, and a Master’s degree in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness, interned under Jonas Salk—the American discoverer and developer of the polio vaccine, and personally funded efforts to bring silver’s healing properties to the poorest communities in Africa, where he gained the treatment data to publish a cure for malaria. He is also the medical director of the Silver Health Institute. Despite all of these accomplishments, Dr. Pedersen is best-known for his books on silver and for his patented, structured alkaline silver products. He currently travels around the world speaking about silver and the immune system, and educating other medical professionals about silver’s safety and efficacy in treating over 83 different ailments from abscesses to tuberculosis to Lyme to acne to yeast, and on and on. His pH-balanced alkaline silver has now been proven to work better than the more acid colloidal and silver solutions of the past, because it works in conjunction with the body and is safe for everyday use.

How Silver Works to Destroy Bacteria, Yeasts, and Viruses?

This is my very simplified version of Dr. Pedersen’s explanation:

In an atom model, this is what silver looks like:


Silver has two electrons in an inner orbital, then 8, 18, and then in the outer orbital, there is one electron. Because there is only one electron on the outer orbital, silver rotates like a wheel that’s out of balance. It can’t ever get itself in balance until another electron is added.

Where is it going to get one electron?

When silver comes into contact with  bacteria, viruses, and yeast, it can steal one of their electrons. All of these pathogens are single-layered, cellular organisms. Meaning, there’s only a thin single layer of electrons that make up their cellular walls. As soon as a magnetic silver particle gets near bacteria, viruses or yeast, it’s going steal an electron to make itself completely in balance. When bacteria, viruses, and yeast lose an electron, it is like a pin pricking a balloon, and causes their cellular membranes to burst, and their contents spill out. This destroys them. Gaining the electron balances the silver. There are, of course, other mechanisms of action, but, in essence silver steals an electron to balance itself out, thus destroying pathogens. So, silver kills with an electrical charge, rather than a chemical one, thus pathogens cannot develop resistance to it.

What Makes Alkaline Structured Silver Safer and More Effective Than the Silver Solutions of the Past?


It not the silver as much as the structured water that contains the silver. Structured water is special, because it has been infused with the energy of oxygen and hydrogen molecules. This creates a matrix that holds the silver in place longer. The oxygen and hydrogen molecules create a crystalline-like structure with the silver, so that the silver does not fall out of solution. According to Dr. Pedersen, this matrix enables the silver to kill pathogens with multiple shots, instead of just the one-time stealing of an electron. Structured silver can “steal an electron and, a ten-thousandth of a second later, fire another one off into a bacterium. Stealing, firing, stealing, firing, making this structure more energetic all the time, exposing oxygen, which kills pathogens like cancer cells, like virus cells, like bacteria cells . . . All the time these single oxygens are being released, and you’re getting multiple methods of killing with a structured silver. And place it in an alkaline system that your body recognizes and can use every single day.”

The silvers of the past fall out of solution more easily and are acidic. There acidity makes them difficult for the body to handle long-term. Thus, you can take them during times of need, but their use can be a stress on the body over time and you need to take breaks, so that the immune system can recover. With alkaline, structured silver, the solution is designed to work in conjunction with the human body and can be used everyday to actually boost immunity and to stimulate healing and stem cell production.

What Does Silver Have to Do with Mold Illness?

Glad you asked. Silver is one of the only products that can be safely used in a variety of ways to make your body stronger and more resilient to molds and fungal pathogens, because it modulates immune response by tackling all three major invaders (bacteria, fungus, and viruses). When we are living in mold-filled environments, our immune systems are so overworked that they must prioritize efforts. This means the immune system prioritizes battling mold and bacteria from the “sick” indoor environment first, and then builds and rebuilds tissue only if it has the capacity to do so. If you are continuously being exposed, it just can’t rebuild. Using silver helps to reduce the internal burden on an overworked immune system, which increases the body’s ability to heal. Structured silver is a tool that, when used on the skin and inside the body, reduces inflammation, activates stem cells, and promotes normal healing.

My Interview With Dr. Pedersen

So, as you can imagine, I had to ask Dr. Pedersen to share some thoughts and knowledge with us about how silver can be used by people suffering from mold, right? Of course, I did. What follows is our brief conversation, that I hope will be the first of many, about the benefits of silver and how we can use it as a unique tool to help heal our bodies.

Me: Thank you so much for agreeing to speak with me today. I became acquainted with your work and products through listening to some podcasts that you were on recently. Your background and work in toxicology and naturopathic medicine are so fascinating to me. Would it be okay for us to start there briefly and talk a little bit about what drove you to pursue such a deep and multi-faceted medical education and how you ended up here as a naturopathic doctor, researcher, product developer, and educator?

Dr. Pedersen: Well, yes. Can you imagine, I’m in my teenage years and my older brother shows up with Crohn’s disease. And doctors say, “We’re going to take out sections of his intestine until we can get all of it gone.” And they came to us later and said, “We’ve done all we can do. He’s going to die early unless you can find some alternative.” So early in my teenage years, I took up the cause that I was going to help family members. I was going to research where I could find any kind of alternative to help, because we’ve been informed that we have a problem that’s going to shorten a family member’s life. And then along came a family member with fibromyalgia. And then two more family members with celiac disease. And all of this started adding up to a place where I wanted to study something that would help my family. So, the purpose or the cause of my education began in that area. I changed my whole traditional medicine route, and I became a doctor of anti-aging and regenerative medicine, but I didn’t find all the solutions I needed there. So I then went on and became a naturopathic doctor. But, I didn’t find all the solutions there. And then, I decided the immune system must be the cure, so I went ahead and I got a PhD in immunology and toxicology. In other words, I had to make my own path to help my own family. Well, in the process, I discovered the human body will heal itself if you give it the proper tools. And there is no one discipline of medicine that has all the answers. So when it’s a family member, you’ve got to keep looking. And that’s why I’ve gone the direction I’ve gone. And that’s why I’ve been motivated the way I have. This is a family thing for me. This is absolutely a family thing. And that includes anybody that comes to consult with me.

Me: So, with your brother and your other family members, were they every looking for causality or were they always just treating symptoms?

Dr. Pedersen: Well, the doctors that they went to were always treating the symptoms. And here come steroid hormones, and here come anti-inflammatory drugs, and here comes chemotherapy, all of it in the effort to tune down the immune system. And that didn’t resonate with me completely. I thought to myself, the solution has got to come within. You don’t want to take drugs that turn off the body’s ability to fight and heal. So that’s where all of the probiotics came in. And that’s where all of the silver came in. And that’s where all of the other supplements came in. You name it. My gosh. I tried it.

Me: So is that when you– in your research, is that where you discovered silver? Was there an aha moment looking at silver and medical history or when using it?

Dr. Pedersen: Well, yes. And that’s a very big part of it. The thing that really triggered me emotionally, though was, I was in the emergency room and I was seeing people come into that emergency room and they were waiting an hour and sometimes longer to get medical care for the emergency. One of them was a small child with diaper rash, and here’s these two young parents. Here’s this baby screaming and bawling and crying, and they’ve taken the diaper off. And the poor baby, basically, had a chemical burn from the diapers and from the urine that had been against the skin for so long. I watched silver cream go on that baby’s bottom, and I watched the burn remediate. And literally, in five minutes, that baby just stopped crying. And by an hour’s time, the burn or the diaper rash was totally gone. And then, they got to go in and see the doctor. By then, the problem was totally solved. And I said to myself, “I’ve got to study this more.” If it can work on the body, it can work inside the body as well. And that was my trigger. It was an emotional trigger because I had three small children at home, and I saw this baby suffering. And I don’t know what it is. You probably know better than I. I mean you see a baby suffering, and all logic goes out the window, and you become emotional.

Me: Oh. I completely agree. And especially when you see a solution that seems kind of almost too simple. So that’s fascinating. Now, this may be a really dumb question, but, the more I’ve been looking into silver, the more I was wondering: Is silver anything like a heavy metal, where too much can be toxic to the body, or like copper in which you can also become deficient? Is it that same kind of fine balance with silver?

Dr. Pedersen: Well, let me answer that with a fact. And it comes right out of the Merck Manual that’s kind of like a Bible for doctors, and it’s filled with facts. And in that section under heavy metals and under copper and under all the zinc and all those heavy metals, you will not find silver or gold. Those are the two metals that are so dense that they have become inert to causing the problems associated with copper. So silver is not something we compare to copper, because copper can transfer energy, but silver transfers energy much better and with less of the negative effects. So silver is already in all of our bodies. Copper sometimes is in all of our bodies, but copper has a heavy-metal potential. Copper has an affluence for fats. And copper also has something that you’ll see on the skin when you put it next to your body, because it turns your skin green. Now silver, when you put silver jewelry on your body, you can see that the silver tarnishes, not your body. So silver and copper are two separate entities, chemically different. In the Merck Index, silver and gold are both not included in the discussion of heavy metals. So that should give you some peace of mind that we’re not going to get heavy metal toxicity by using silver. The Environmental Protection Agency has also listed silver as something that “leaves the body by the next day”. Copper doesn’t, but silver does leave the body.

Me: Okay. So, basically, when you ingest silver, it leaves you the exact same way? Does it leave whole, I guess, is what I’m asking. Does that make any sense?

Dr. Pedersen: Yes. Silver is really unique. And when I was doing my PhD in toxicology, I studied silver. And silver goes into the body, travels through the digestive system, travels through circulatory systems, cools in the kidneys and bladder, and leaves the body identical, the same as it went in. That means, in drug terms, it does not produce harmful by products. It doesn’t change into a different molecular structure and hurt your body. So, if it goes in your body and comes out the same, there’s some really unique things that can happen there. For instance, women who have these recurring bladder infections– and men have them, too, but women more often –they can drink a silver solution, and we know that 99% of it’s going to pool in their bladder within a few hours. So if you think about this, silver goes in your mouth, through circulation, gets stranded in the bladder– guess what that means? If you drink enough silver, at one time, it’s going to pool in the bladder where it can destroy the bacteria, viruses, or yeast that are causing the infection. And now, women think, “Oh, this is a miracle product,” because they can take control of their own bladder infections the second they feel it– the second that sting starts or that burn starts. And this is because of the principle we’re talking about. It’s non-toxic, so it passes through the body unchanged and pools in the bladder. What a great tool!

Me: Oh, wow! Does silver have any binding properties, like something like clay would have or like charcoal would have? Does it help escort toxins from the body at all? Or, it is just destroying the pathogens? Yeasts and mold can be some confusing to me, because they are both a pathogen and a toxin.

Dr. Pedersen: Silver’s job is to steal an electron from the membrane of a pathogenic bacterium, virus, or yeast. It does not have the properties of something like Bentonite clay, but all of those different clays are fantastic to be used in combination with silver. And so clay has the ability to bind with and detoxify some metal. Silver is– some people want to think that it might do that, and they’re doing studies on that. I have not seen any evidence that silver can bind with and detoxify other poisons, except to say it will destroy the single-layer membranes of these pathogens.

Me: Okay. I think I understand a bit better. Now, I just want to switch gears a little bit, because– and I don’t want to misquote you at all, but I was listening to a podcast that you were being interviewed on, and you were speaking about Candida overgrowth in the gut. And, you said something along the lines of that GI symptoms and gut dysbiosis all start at the top with the mouth and with the air that you’re breathing. I want to tell you that your statement really struck me. Because of what me and my family went through, I truly believe that what we eat and what we’re breathing in everyday is the source of so many of our ailments and disease. I’m so sorry if I misquoted you, but I think that for us, since my interest is mold and yeast on my blog, could we dig into this concept a little for my readers and talk about this idea? I would like to learn more about what you have found to be helpful for your chronic Candida patients and if any of what causes their symptoms is coming it from their environments?

Dr. Pedersen: Yeah, absolutely. And first and foremost, you did not misquote me. Candida can and does start with the air we breathe and the food we eat. Let’s take a look at our environment we live in. I’m not going to even go very long. You know exactly what I’m going to say. We have yeast and mold in our air, we have it in our carpets, we have it in our foods, on our foods. We have it anywhere and everywhere. So as soon as we open our mouths, we know that if we’re feeding sugar to our body, it is a welcome home for yeast inside our bodies. Now add to that the fact that some of the yeast goes into our lungs through our respiratory system. We now have yeast that’s growing inside our lungs. So this is the two ways that we get yeast into our system.

Now, let’s look at the digestive system for a second. So you swallow this Candida, this yeast, this mold, and some of the biggest problems we have are in humid climates, and the mold gets a little dry and the spores spore off, and it could be inhaled very easily causing these problems. We now have a stomach that’s supposed to kill all of the poisons that come into our bodies. But we know that that stomach acid doesn’t, and sometimes actually reacts with the yeast in a way that actually coordinates with it, making it more toxic. Not very much of it, but some of it. Now, we go to the intestines and the intestines are a perfect breeding ground for yeast, because we already have yeast in there. If we feed it too much sugar, that will feed the yeast and it will grow. If we give it antibiotics, it will kill all of its opposition. The civil war between bacteria and yeast will be over, and the yeast will win and overgrow. Then, if we feed it more sugar, it’s going to grow more. But, what happens quite often in these environmental problems, is that we inhale a yeast, and this is a very dangerous type of yeast because it’s tacky, it’s sticky, and it feels like tar. You know, when you inhale little particles and they stick together in the lungs, they aren’t easily coughed out.

So, when people inhale black mold or this environmental mold that come from water-damaged housing, like you were in, what happens is that a very sticky, tar-like substance, those particles stick, stay in the alveoli, and in the tubes that lead to it, and they start to accumulate, because they never leave the body. Now, that’s a horrible thought. “I’ve inhaled something that I never will leave my body?”

Well, sometimes that can happen in the lungs with this Candida, similar as to in the gut. When this happens, now we have mycoplasma that’s in the lungs. Now, this yeast-based mycoplasma stays in there forever in some cases. And what happens is if we take liquid silver?– I’m going to a remedy instead of just a fear-based thing here. Let’s say if we can take the liquid silver and nebulize it in a mist going right down into where that mycoplasma or that yeast and that tar-like substance is. And if the silver is alkaline, you’re not going to get a rejection response like the former silvers that were all acidic. So here comes the alkaline liquid, so it enters the lungs as a mist, as a vapor. It accumulates in the lungs, and this is so thin and tiny that one molecule at a time ,it can peck away at that mycoplasma. I have seen it do so many times. So in this situation, we can take liquid silver, vaporize it, inhale it, and use that as a treatment for not only mycoplasma, but for many, many other bacterial and viral problems of the lungs and respiratory system. So let me stop there and let you direct me. I’m getting off on too far of a tangent.

Me: Why does Candida tend to flourish when our immune systems are down? Is it just because we can’t keep yeast in balance?

Dr. Pedersen: Well, I think you know the answer to this. I’m just going to confirm your thoughts, because you’re just learning so much on it I can tell already. But what happens is about 70% of all of our immune system is lining the guts of our intestines in immune cell form. So here’s all these immune cells lining the intestines, the very exact place where warm, moist conditions exist to grow candida. So what happens is that candida comes in, and– let’s talk just for second about how it works: Candida is a yeast. Yeast is unique in how it destroys tissues, because yeast will come in and attach to the lining of your intestines. Now assuming it gets a good hold and attachment site, yeast secretes a poison and the poison will dissolve the top layer of tissues. Then there’ll be a slurry of tissues that have been dissolved through this poison. That is what the yeast eats, eats one layer of your tissues today. Tomorrow it secretes poison, dissolves into a nice little slurry, eats that slurry. So when you realize that it’s doing that on the surface of your intestinal walls that’s what it’s doing to your immune cells. It literally eats them away. Or worse, damages their receptor site so that they can’t target the right product anymore, the right cells and they start attacking anything and everything. Now you’ve got a misshapen immune cell from candida poisoning, and it’s letting out signals of inflammation all the time, and it’s going to divide. And when it multiplies and divides, it divides in an abnormal shape. Now have a bunch of immune cells lining the intestines that are dying number one,  and number two, that are being misshapen, and number three that are attacking your own cells. So that’s how autoimmune or celiac or Crohn’s disease can come on just because yeast came into the equation and is a really nasty poison. Then, if you take away the bacteria that keeps yeast under control by taking antibiotics, it gives full reign for the candida to spread.

Me: You are literally explaining so much to me right now. I think a lot of people who suffer from Candida, then end up with SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), which is all from that leaky gut issue causing by the yeast eating away at the gut lining. And then, you end up with bacteria in your small intestine that’s not supposed to be there. So this is all just such wonderful information. And the thing that was really fascinating to me, was reading more about the silver and how it’s so beneficial because of the stem cell reaction of when it enters stays in your gut. Not only is it killing the yeast, but then it’s depositing the stem cells to heal the damage. I obviously don’t truly understand how that works, but you could probably speak to that a little bit.

Dr. Pedersen: Well, guess what? You’re not the only one. We, as a medical society, do not totally completely understand how the stem cells can become any type of tissue that’s needed. We do know this; stem cells come from bone marrow, once they come from the bone marrow, if they stay in the bone marrow and mature there, they become T-cells of the immune system. In other words, antibodies. If they release from the bone marrow, they end up sequestered near the thymus and they become T-cells, where they become the soldiers of the immune system. And all they have to do is find the lock and key, hook up and execute the judgment of death on that cell. So stem cells are important in the process of healing. Because what happens is a ligament may be damaged, or cartilage might be damaged, or intestines might be damaged and the stem cells that are being activated and mobilized by silver, release these stem cells to do their job. They will adapt to becoming a ligament, becoming an intestine, becoming a liver cell. They will literally become any cell that’s needed because stems cells originate as an immune cell from the bone marrow that can become anything that’s needed. So it’s really quite an interesting miracle that goes on in silver. It activates and mobilizes those stem cells that are naturally occurring. So we don’t know all of why that happens, but we can explain that much of it.

Me: Changing gears completely here, let’s talk hormones. A lot of people that deal with mold toxicity, they have quite a bit of pituitary damage. And many people stop producing growth hormone and have to supplement for a little while until they can correct the pituitary damage. Do know whether or not candida contributes to that?

Dr. Pedersen: It’s possible. I don’t know either. But we do know this: The immune system talks to itself by sending signals to little tiny cytokines which are from the endocrine system. In other words, they’re hormonal. So the immune system sends signals throughout the body to itself, and it does so through the hormone system. And it’s very easy to understand that there are probably significant emotional and physical stressors going on in someone dealing with mold toxicity that help move some of these signals to places, like the pituitary gland, which is in charge of your hormone signals, and the thyroid gland which is in charge of the hormones throughout your body, like reproductive hormones. So it doesn’t surprise me that this happens. I can’t prove it, but common sense suggests that that’s probably where it came from. Would you agree?

Me: I would agree. I mean, I definitely think we discount the emotional and the stress part of disease so often, and it plays such a part in how your body reacts, and how you recover. So yes, I think you’re definitely on to something.

Dr. Pedersen: When I did some studying this past six months or so, I found a couple of studies on the immune system that are very valuable to me. One is, one minute of laughter per day mobilizes and stimulates the immune system for 20 hours. And one minute of anger and depression depresses and suppresses the immune system for at least five hours. So what you’re seeing here is, quite often, when people are sick– I didn’t say we need to give them some laughter therapy, but I’m hoping you understand that the immune system is being proven to be modulated by our emotions.

Me: I think that’s beautifully said. I love that. Have you had much experience with patients with environmentally-triggered illness in your practice?

Dr. Pedersen: Yes, I’ve seen quite a bit– maybe about 10% of what I’ve done is worked in that area. As a PhD in toxicology and a PhD in immunology, I have some background that other physicians don’t have. And so what happens there is, I try to spin it off with this: You have to know your body. You have to pay attention to your body. You have to be your own doctor because physicians aren’t always going to know what to do, number one. Number two, your body can heal itself if you give it the proper tools. Number three, you’ve got to learn what those tools are, or get them from somebody else’s’ learning so that you can make a plan that puts together wellness. My wellness plan is called The Essence of Wellness. E-S-S-E-N-C-E and the word essence, by definition, means that it is the most important part of something. So the most important part of wellness, in my books, is the absence of disease. Now, every letter in the word essence relates to one principle of wellness. E is for eat correctly. S, sleep correctly. S, supplement where you have a deficiency. E, exercise daily. N, neutralize poisons in the body and the environment. C, clean water. E, eliminate stress. And then I give them a questionnaire. And they personally answer these questions on each one of those E-S-S-E-N-C-E principles of wellness. And they learn from these questions where their greatest weakness is so they can start at their weakest point and work towards total overall wellness. Now, no matter whether you’re sick or totally well, the essence of wellness questionnaire is a perfect way for you to prioritize where to start. Because letter I referenced can be backed with medical references, peer reviewed journal articles, that every one of those components of wellness are beneficial for the immune system. And so what we’re doing is we’re saying, “If you sleep eight hours a night, here’s all these scientifically-proven benefits that you’ll receive. Now, if you add that exercise, here’s all the benefits for the immune system from that.” And I published a study and wrote a book for how if you take all of these concepts together, you’re building exponential growth and wellness. For instance, one of my studies was, I gave people a ginseng supplement and measured an 18% increase in natural killer T cells. Then, in a separate study, I gave people exercise. I gave them a long running exercise. I gave them a sprinting exercise. I gave them an interval exercise. And I measured all their hormones, and I measured their immune function. I found that exercise creates a 37% increase in natural T-cells. Now, when I took mice, I combined both of those. I literally ran them on the treadmill and gave them a supplement daily. And what happened was, when I combined exercise with supplementation, I found a 255% increase in those same natural killer T cells. And wait, it lasted for a week, instead of just coming and going in one hour. So when I say each one of these principles of wellness adds to your overall immune function, I’ve proven that in enough studies, so that when we give this questionnaire to people they go, “Wow, this stuff really has been proven.” And if you start with sleeping correctly and you start with exercise -you may only be able to start with one of those – but you know what, by the time you get done working through all seven of those, you’ve got the principle for a healthy immune system.

Me: That’s fantastic. A quiz that reveals exactly what you need to work on and where you need to focus your efforts to get healthy. I think we could all learn something and make some improvements by taking that test. Well, I know I have taken up a lo of your time. Thank you so much, Dr. Pedersen. I am sure my readers will love this information. I hope we can talk again soon.

Did you enjoy this interview? Was the information provided helpful? I love hearing from you. Please comment below or email me at catherine@moldfreeliving.com.
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Geri - 9:14 pm

Where can you buy Alkaline Structured Silver. I live in Canada.

Catherine - 3:27 am

https://mydoctorsuggests.com/ ships to Canada. 🙂

Joelle - 3:53 pm

Hi again, I looked into and am interested in the sugar free lozenges but am concerned about the artificial sweeteners polyglycitol and sucralose. Do you have any thoughts on eating those?

Catherine - 4:52 pm

Hi, Joelle,

I did not realize that the lozenges contain sucralose. Traditionally, I try to stay away from artificial sweeteners. I do use Stevia and Monk Fruit, though. The ones I have do have the real sugar, and I give them to my kids occasionally. I will say that the liquid silver, and the gel with aloe are my two favorite products that My Doctor Suggests makes. The gel has been helpful for me and my kids for everything from bug bites to blemishes to burns. The liquid, I swish, use in nasal washes, and use as a toner on my face. I can’t say enough good things about them.

Joelle - 8:38 pm

Thanks for such a quick response. I will give the lozenges a try and I appreciate the discount! I am considering the silver in a nebulizer but am taking it slow with remedies. I tried a silver product I bought a the health food store with a nebulizer when I recently had a major asthma attack and I reacted to the silver (breathing became even more labored and the silver felt rough breathing it in rather than as a fine mist) so I’m a little gun shy but I’m guessing the alkaline silver may work better.

Catherine - 3:23 pm

Not all silvers are created equal and some can fall out of solution. I have had great success with the alkaline structured silver, but everyone is different, so just take it slow. Try the lozenges. See how you do. Then, I would use a little in a nasal spray. If you feel fine, move to the nebulizer. Good luck! I would love to hear how it goes.

Joelle - 7:49 pm

Thank you for this interview. I found it very helpful and will continue to look into silver as a treatment for asthma and emphysema that I’m dealing with. I am interested in the lozenges to help deter fungus in the mouth from the steroid inhaler I’m currently on but I am also working on mold detox. Do I need to avoid the lozenges as they are sweetened with sugar?

Catherine - 9:49 pm

Hi, Joelle,

My Doctor Suggests does offer lozenges that are sugar-free and sweetened with Monk Fruit only. Also using the liquid alkaline silver in a nebulizer helps with asthma and emphysema. I hope that helps. MOLDFREE gets you a discount at checkout.


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