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A Natural Antifungal That Does it All: CitriDrops Dietary Supplement

by Catherine

If I were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one product with me to maintain my health, I would take CitriDrops Dietary Supplement.

That is a loaded statement, I know. But, I’ve actually thought about this quite a bit and have my argument and reasons all lined up for you. In order to properly illustrate my point, I will also share a few “throwback” links to previous posts on some of the many ways that I use it in my life and home. You will soon see that while it is labeled a “dietary supplement,” it can actually be used as much, much more.

This feature comes at a particularly opportune time, because MicroBalance Health Products is currently offering customers a buy 2, get one free deal on CitriDrops Dietary Supplement.

So, what exactly is CitriDrops Dietary Supplement?

In my opinion, it is one of the most diverse, effective and easily used products from the Micro Balance body protocol line. Formulated by Dr. Dennis, it is a proprietary blend of 4 different citrus seed extracts (grapefruit, lemon, lime and tangerine) that work to eliminate fungus inside the body and in the nasal cavity. When it comes to mold, 4 is better than 1, because fungi tend to get resistant to just one antifungal, if it is used for a long time. But, if you use 2 or more at the same time, or rotate your antifungals, the fungi have a harder time developing resistance. With its 4 extracts, CitriDrops is exponentially more powerful and fungi cannot become immune. Since one of the included extracts is powerful enough to kill fungi on its own, 4 extracts, used at the same time means less of the mix is required to be exponentially more effective. Make sense?

CitriDrops comes in a small glass bottle with a screw top that is perfect for throwing in your purse, pocket or travel bag. It is a product that I truly never leave home without, because of its versatility of use for almost any application when mold and/or fungus are of particular concern.

How do I use CitriDrops Dietary Supplement?

  • I put it in my saline nasal rinses to eliminate mold spores from my nasal cavity.

Most molds enter the body through the nose. Doing regular saline sinus rinses, especially after an exposure, is an extremely helpful practice that lessens your symptoms and relieves mold/fungus-related congestion almost immediately.

HERE is a link to my detailed post on using CitriDrops Dietary Supplement in my nasal rinses.

  • I use it to clean mold, bacteria, and harmful toxins off of my fresh produce.

The produce that we buy at the farmer’s market, grocery store, or that we harvest from our backyard garden is subject to molds, bacteria, and sometimes toxins. Washing produce with water alone does not wash all of this off. Because one of the easiest ways to decrease our toxic exposure is to stop it at the point of entry, aka, the mouth or oral entry, using a product that will remove harmful materials from our foods is wise. The citrus extracts contained in CitriDrops Dietary Supplement, when used properly (10-20 drops, depending on quantity of produce being cleaned in a 5 minute soak) can eliminate mold and bacteria and toxins from the surfaces of your produce.

HERE is my post that details how to clean produce with CitriDrops.

  • I drink 4-6 drops in an 8 ounce glass of purified or spring water to help fight yeast in my digestive tract.

Adding a few drops of CitriDrops Dietary Supplement to a glass of water will fight the damaging yeast that can invade your digestive system and cause Candida overgrowth. Because the supplement has 4 different citrus seed extracts, it has an increased chance of being effective at killing off the fungus. (It has actually been proven that if you use one antifungal exclusively and not cyclically, its efficacy lessens to the point that it will no longer cause the yeast to die off.) Drinking the drops regularly in addition to a clean, low sugar, low carbohydrate and processed foods diet can help you to maintain the gut balance required for optimal health and healing.

  • I drink or gargle 8-10 drops in a 4-ounce glass of purified or spring water to fight microbial and bacterial invaders.

When I feel I have been exposed to a food-borne illness, like Salmonella, or my throat is beginning to get sore, and I fear Strep coming on, I use CitriDrops Dietary Supplement proactively to fight off, or to stop these invaders in their tracks. The citrus seed extracts have antibacterial properties, that when used at a higher concentration, can kill off the microbes before they can take over and cause sickness. Gargling the highly concentrated solution in the back of the throat puts the extracts right where the sickness is starting. Drinking it in almost a shot dose, and allowing a high dose to hit the digestive system can prevent later microbe penetration into the digestive system and the later vomiting or diarrhea that can result. I cannot emphasize to you enough the miraculous way that this product has diverted the course of sickness for both me and my family members. I can honestly say that it has saved me personally from both food poisoning and throat infections numerous times.

  • I use it to make my Homemade Antifungal Coconut Oil Cream.

This stuff is awesome and helps to heal and prevent yeast growth on the skin. It also provides moisture, seals in moisture, and protects your skin, like a shield from bacteria and irritants. It smells great too without synthetic fragrance.

HERE is a link to that post.

  • I use it to make my DIY Hand and Body Sanitizer Spray.

I try to move away from products containing triclosan, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, and other toxins that are in lots of hand sanitizers. Did you know that hospital workers often acquire medication-resistant illnesses and infections, simply because they are required to constantly use hand sanitizers at work? The only microbes that survive the hospital sanitizers are the especially dangerous ones. My recipe is all natural and full of ingredients that are proven effective and not harmful to humans.

HERE is a link to my post on how to make my sanitizer spray.

There you have it! All of the ways I like to use CitriDrops Dietary Supplement to maintain my health both inside my body and in my home. As a matter of fact, just writing this article makes me want to go back to my laboratory and concoct another way to use it.

Do you have tips and suggestions? Questions about how to use CitriDrops? Things you would like for me to try to formulate and experiment with? I am all ears and love your comments. Write to me, and I will give it a try.

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Christina - 3:45 pm

Can you dilute this and use it as a nasal spray?

Catherine - 9:51 pm

Yes! I actually just posted a video about doing that for a nasal spray on Instagram. The basic directions are to go to your local pharmacy or drugstore and just to purchase a very basic saline nasal mist. I like one Walgreen’s makes that is a saline mist with Aloe. Here is the link to it: Walgreen’s Nasal Spray with Aloe For the whole bottle, you would need to instill only about 6 drops of the CitriDrops Dietary Supplement. Shake well and then divide that mixture into pump nasal spray bottles. Now you have yourself a wonderful little nasal spray for all aliments! It is super cost-effective too, because that larger bottle will make about 3 pump nasal sprays and only costs a little over $6. The CitriDrops is expensive at $33, but it lasts FOREVER and will make a TON of other things.


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