Home Cleaning Tips Test for and Clean for Mold With This Exclusive Home and Clothes Product Bundle!

Test for and Clean for Mold With This Exclusive Home and Clothes Product Bundle!

by Catherine

I have something special for you today!

MicroBalance Health Products is partnering with me on this post to bring my readers incredible savings on a cleaning for mold “Home and Clothes bundle” of some of their testing and environmental products.

I am really excited about this, because these are products I trust and use EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Seriously, they are game changers in the fight to protect your living environments from mold.

The products featured in the exclusive bundle are the Sanitizer fogger, a bottle of EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate for use in the fogger and/or mixed with distilled water per bottle instructions as a treatment spray to fight mold on hard surfaces, upholstered furniture, pets, dry clean only clothing, etc., a bottle of EC3 Laundry Additive (one of my favorite products), and a 6 pack of the EC3 Mold Screening Test plates. Purchased separately, this bundle would cost $450, but is being offered to MoldFreeLiving.com readers for a total of $349.99, plus free shipping. This is a lot of bang for the buck!

With this bundle, you will have all you need to test your indoor environments for mold, and to treat, or to maintain low mold levels for optimal health and well-being. In other words, this bundle presents an opportunity to take control of your health by actively knowing what is in your environment and treating mold YOURSELF. While these products cannot take the place of professional mold remediation, if that is what is needed to make your home safe, they can significantly reduce mold counts in your home for a temporary solution or to maintain a healthy home post remediation and for the long haul. I actually look to these products as my “mold maintenance” arsenal.

In terms of how I would use them, here is my step-by-step suggestion to get you started:

1.)    Start using the EC3 Laundry Additive in the rinse cycle of all of your washes as soon as it arrives. This is a great mold maintenance and avoidance product. Everything you wear outside of the home is exposed to mold. It is ALWAYS a good idea to treat your clothes for it to prevent any cross-contamination. PLUS, the EC3 Laundry Additive gets rid of biological smells, like, sweat and body odor.

2.)    Use the EC3 Mold Screening Test Plates to test all of the rooms where you spend the most time in your home for mold. In just 5 days, you will have a clear visual picture of what is going on in your home in terms of mold. Then, you can call in a professional, if the test indicates unsafe levels, or begin a mold maintenance and treatment plan with your other new tools.

3.)    Use the Sanitizer Fogger to cold fog with the EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate all of the rooms in your home. If you have unsafe mold counts, fog once a week until you can get out of the home, or hire a professional remediator to fix the problem. If your levels are good, fog once a mold to improve air quality and lower mold counts.

4.)    Use EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate in a spray bottle, diluted per package instructions with distilled water, to mist pillows, drapes, pets, anything you don’t want to treat with the fogger. Once mixed, the spray is easy to pack to take on trips and to hotels as well to treat your temporary spaces for mold.

These suggestions merely scratch the surface, though, of what you can do with these products.

I have also written numerous posts about all of these products and the ways in which I use them in my everyday life. I have also documented their effectiveness on the blog with mold screening test plate results and pictures. Here are links to a few of those posts:

EC3 Laundry Additive:



EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate with fogger:



EC3 Mold Screening Test Plates:



Check everything out and click on the ad to obtain the savings. Please also comment or email me if you have any questions about any of the products included in the bundle. I have lots of experience with all of them and would love to offer my help, suggestions, and feedback.


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