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Mold in Your Sinus Can Cause Neurological Symptoms: Watch This Clip From Know the Cause

by Catherine

Why is inhaling mold in your indoor environment for a prolonged amount of time so dangerous? Well, for one, your sinus sits right in front of your brain, and provides a direct avenue to both the brain and the bloodstream. But, if you are someone who likes visual proof and medical explanations of this sort of thing, I have a show for you.

This latest clip from Know the Cause features Dr. Dennis, and discusses a story about mold in the human sinus. Dr. Dennis talks about two patients with mold in their sinuses. Their particular cases were so groundbreaking, in terms of mold illness studies, that he later published a paper on them with the late Dr. Jack Thrasher.

The two, very sick female patients had both been living in their moldy homes, had many different symptoms, not limited to sinusitis, and were not responding to the maximum sinus and body protocol treatments for the mold.

Here is the video:

After the patients got out of their moldy homes, Dr. Dennis performed sinus surgery on each, removed the mold from their sinuses and some of the infected tissue, and irrigated their sinuses with an antifungal rinse. He then sent the tissue off to Dr. Thrasher’s toxicology lab to be tested to see what type of mold was present, and whether or not it was a mycotoxin-producing mold.

One of the most interesting things about this story is the brown halos that formed around each tissue sample in the Petri dishes sent to the lab. The halos tested positive for gliotoxin in the sinuses. This means that the molds in these women’s sinuses was secreting a neurotoxin. This gliotoxin-producing mold was lodged in their ethmoid sinus, between their eyes, right in front of their brains. No wonder both women were having neurological symptoms! This is pretty scary stuff. The good news is that once the mold was removed, both women got markedly better. The physical removal of the mold was the piece of treatment needed to begin healing.

The show not only shows pictures and tells the story of these two patients, but also goes into how Dr. Dennis screens and tests his patients, and the portfolio of MicroBalance products that he designed to help treat them. The products treat the sinus, the body, the home, air and clothing. MicroBalance also offers testing plates, so that people can test to make sure that they have removed all of the mold from their living environments and things.

It is a great clip to watch, especially if you are on the fence about purchasing any of the products, or just were not sure how to incorporate them into your cleaning or body routine.

I hope you watch it!

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