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Colder Weather and Mold Allergies: Tips and Tricks on How to Cope

by Catherine


Have you officially ditched your summer wardrobe yet? I haven’t. I’m sitting here writing this post in shorts and flip-flops. But, don’t be deceived, even though temperatures all around the country are meeting record highs—fall is here, folks. That means dealing with falling leaves, leaves scattered all over the lawn, and wetter, cooler days (well, usually wetter, cooler days). Unfortunately, for those of us who are allergy sufferers, and especially for those of us who are allergic to mold, the fall season brings a new set of allergy difficulties. I, for example, always notice my mold-related sinus symptoms flaring more inside of my home, mostly from people walking through the fallen leaves and tracking in the mold spores. But, now that I know to expect that in the fall, I treat my rugs regularly with the EC3 Mold Spray. One of the simple mold-cleaning “life hacks” that I’ve learned to add to my mold-cleaning arsenal. Doing so makes my life—and breathing—a little bit easier. (Note: If you’d like to read an in-depth account of how to do this in your home, HERE is my post on Shoes and How to Prevent Contamination in Your Home.)

So, because I’m always trying to help my readers out with all of the most straightforward things that can be done to help clean for mold in their lives, I’ve decided to link to this article on the Sinusitis Wellness blog. The article covers everything from dealing with the piles of leaves in your yard, to taking care of your pet, so that their fur and the mold it can pick up don’t cause your allergies to flare up. It’s really a great article with lots of insight and tips.

I hope you will read it. Let me know what you think, and if there are any tips that you have that may have been left out. I’m always here to answer any questions or concerns as well.

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