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Travel Tips for a Mold-Free Thanksgiving

by Catherine

Today is just a quick post for those of you who are traveling for the holiday and won’t be as in control of your indoor environment or diet as you normally are.

Here are some of my tips and tools for maintaining your health and having a mold-free Thanksgiving.

Pack your environmental essentials:

  • EC3 Air Purification Candles – You can easily pack one or more candles in your suitcase to burn in the room where you will be sleeping. Just open the candle, set it inside of the lid and allow it to burn for a few hours. In 3 hours of burning time, it can bring the mold count down in a room from too numerous to count to zero. This is especially important where you are sleeping. These candles have literally saved my life on family trips.
  • EC3 Mold Spray – Mist the pillows, comforter, bedding, rug, towels, hard surfaces, and anything else in the room or rooms where you will be spending the majority of your time. Concentrate on things and places that will actually come into contact with your body. These are the things that will cause you the most immediate reactions. MicroBalance Health Products even makes a TSA compliant spray bottle that is perfect for travel. It is pictured above.

  • Wein Mini Mate Personal Air Purifier – If you have to fly or need extra protection from allergens in the indoor spaces where you will be spending time, wear one of these units. It will help to create a barrier between you and the allergens and mold that enter through the nose. It may incite some curiosity from family and friends, but just let people know that you have allergies that can make you really sick. The device helps you stay well, so that you can spend more time with them.

Pack your body essentials:

  • CitriDrops Nasal Spray – This is easy to pack and even easier to use to treat and prevent mold and allergens from entering through your nose. Proactive use will combat issues that could arise from mold exposure.
  • CitriDrops Dietary Supplement – A few drops in a saline nasal wash or in a glass of purified water will cleanse mold, fungus and bacterial invaders from your nose and digestive system. Drinking the drops per package instructions also helps combat Candida overgrowth often cause by eating too much sugary, rich and carbohydrate laden food. Gargling with 6 drops and 3 ounces of purified water will combat a sore throat caused by post-nasal drip or mucous.
  • Sinus Defense – Using this sublingual spray 2-3 times a day prior to and during exposure serves as prevention and defense for indoor mold and allergens. Regular use will prime your immune system for mold reactions. You will find your body becoming less reactive and more efficient in withstanding an exposure and also with post-exposure recovery.
  • CellTropin – Using this sublingual spray will help to keep your endocrine and pituitary systems functioning at optimum levels. Many mold patients are hit the hardest in these arenas and the extra support makes for better sleep, lower stress level and better immune function during travel.

  • Complete Thymic Formula Supplement – Taking this supplement per package instructions will help to boost immune function and fill dietary and nutritional holes while you are away. This supplement provides  a blend of herbs, essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, thymic and other glandular extracts, antioxidants, enzymes and whole food extracts. It is designed to provide a solid and wholesome foundation of nutritional support while making available factors that nourish and strengthen immune function.

  • High-Potency Probiotic Supplement – This one is a bit harder, because some supplements require refrigeration. For travel, I purchase a shelf-stable alternative. (Visbiome–pictured above–can be stored outside of a refrigerator for a week before it loses it potency.) I make sure to take it twice a day during travel to prime by gut for any bacterial invaders. A good gut balance also aids in digestion and prevents gastrointestinal distress from veering off of your normal diet.

Get Back on Track As Soon As You Return Home:

  • Grocery shop for healthy staples before you leave town, so that you can return to a healthy meal. I like to buy eggs, frozen vegetables, frozen wild-caught fish, oatmeal, green tea, and raw organic nuts before I leave. That way, whenever I get home, morning, afternoon or night, I can easily prepare myself a nutritious meal without having to go to the store or out to a restaurant.
  • Wash all of your travel wear immediately and separately from your other clothing with a gentle detergent and EC3 Laundry Additive. This will prevent contamination in your home from the clothes you wore during your time away.
  • Spray your shoes, luggage and coats with EC3 Mold Spray before bringing them inside or returning them to your closet. This will also prevent contamination.
  • Take a hot shower and use a saline nasal wash with 2-3 drops of CitriDrops Dietary Supplement added to it to really give your sinus a good and deep rinse. The steam will help to open things up, so you will be able to clear out mold and allergens better. (HERE is my post on nasal rinsing.)
  • Check in with your body consciously and frequently in the days and weeks after returning home. If you feel off or like you are becoming sick, follow up with your trusted healthcare practitioners immediately. The sooner you figure out what is going on, and if your symptoms are returning, the sooner that they can help you treat them to have the best outcome.

I hope you all have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

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