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Taking Mold Off Of The Table: A New Approach to Assessing Environmental Illness

by Catherine

When many people begin their journey with environmental illness, all that they know for certain is that they feel terrible. What they once thought was just a cold or a sinus infection has now become a never-ending sickness and a way of life. Sometimes, they have been sick for so long, that they have forgotten what it was like to be well and to feel good and energized. It is such a traumatic situation, that many environmental illness patients also seek psychological support to manage the depression and hopelessness that they feel.

Thankfully, in my personal mold and environmental illness experience, I connected with Dr. Dennis early on. I had seen 3 different doctors and 2 specialists before him, but my family members and I hadn’t been really sick for that long yet. We weren’t yet at a place where we had given up hope. Dr. Dennis was able to figure out the mold piece of our situation and to help us address it almost immediately. The reason he was able to do this so swiftly was that, in his experience, when patients like me come to him, he seeks to eliminate mold/fungus as the cause from the get-go. In other words, he seeks to “take mold off of the table,” BEFORE he begins any other treatment. Why? Well mostly, because you have nothing to lose and your health to gain by doing this.

I have linked to articles on the Sinusitis Wellness website before, and today, I am linking to the newest article, because it addresses this exact topic: TAKING MOLD OFF OF THE TABLE. The article displays, with data, proof of the assumption that patients presenting with certain symptoms most likely have an allergy to mold, or mold in their indoor environment causing sickness. The article also goes through the protocols that Dr. Dennis uses to evaluate and test his patients for mold allergies and/or exposure from the moment that they walk into his office. This approach either eliminates, or identifies mold as the root cause of their sickness.

The simplicity of this series of steps and data collection to address sickness in a patient who has been suffering for weeks or sometimes years without answers is both baffling and comforting. The data confirming the prevalence of mold illness in these patients is baffling, because so many other doctors neglect to even consider mold as a source of sickness. On the other hand, the simplicity of completing these steps is comforting, because Dr. Dennis is so proactive and willing to share his methods with patients and physicians who may need this kind of help.

I encourage you to click through and to read the whole article. It may shed some light on things you are going through and suffering with. You can even print out Dr. Dennis’s evaluation steps and take them to your doctors to assist them in “taking mold off of the table” for you. You can also reach out to Dr. Dennis directly for help.

Here is an excerpt from the article of Dr. Dennis’s new mold patient evaluation steps:

  1. “He takes a patient history which identifies facts and clues about exposure to mold. A questionnaire is given to assess sinus symptoms, home and work environments, and systemic symptoms. The patient’s answers provide clues to direct Dr. Dennis’s examination.  A simple 5 minute survey can be taken by anyone online at www.sinusitiswellness.com.
  2. He takes a “Tap Test” to find mold spores on the patient’s clothes and swabs their nasal passages. For the “Tap Test,” a Petri dish is tapped against the clothes the patients are wearing in the office. Both samples are sent to a lab for analysis. A significant mold presence on either test is significant circumstantial evidence that there is mold in the patient’s living environment.  The patient is often asked to do similar testing in their living environments. (Mold cultures that form on the Petri dishes are sometimes overwhelming to see.)
  3. He takes a blood sample for analysis on their body’s antibody responses. This test provides evidence of the presence of food and mold allergies.”

In addition to the great article, the post also introduces an easy-to-follow Infographic detailing the portfolio of products offered by MicroBalance Health Products. The graphic featured below, with permission, shows you how each and every one of the products helps with the idea of “taking mold off of the table” in both your body and your home. Again, a simple and comforting step-by-step map of relief with real, tested solutions, available to anyone at reasonable cost—reasons why I love these products and the company behind them.


Click HERE to enlarge graphic.

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Take care!

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