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Think Fungus: The CDC Has Its First Fungal Disease Awareness Week

by Catherine

Just a quick post today to alert you to the unthinkable!

The CDC is finally echoing what Dr. Dennis has been saying for years: “Think Fungus.” In other words, if you are sick, and are not getting better with treatments or conventional medicine, consider that your symptoms might be caused by fungus.

Here is a quote from the Know the Cause website about the CDC’s declaration:

“On its website last week, the Centers for Disease Control urged people to consider fungus as the underlying cause of symptoms that don’t improve with conventional therapy. In a short video, the caption reads, ‘Fungal diseases are often not diagnosed right away because their symptoms can be similar to those of other diseases. ‘Think fungus’ if you have symptoms that don’t get better with treatment. Talk to your doctor about the possibility of a fungal infection.’”

What am I most encouraged about with this whole thing? The fact that a mainstream, medical resource is now considering unhealthy levels of mold in your environment as an area of concern. The CDC has the platform and credibility to create awareness. It is one small step, but hopefully, the first of many, leading us all towards a healthier future.

For more information on types of fungal diseases, antifungal resistance, and environmental diseases and outbreaks, you can consult the CDC Fungal Disease Awareness page.

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Laurie Yaukey - 4:14 am

Thanks to the pioneers( Dr. Jack Thrasher, Dr. Donald Dennis, Dr. Willam Rae, Dr. Libman, Dr.Ritchie Shoemaker and one other Hero-Malinda Ballard, Dave Asprey, The Billings) mold awareness, teaching, diagnosing and more importantly treatments will soon be on the radars of all fields of medicine. Wow, truly amazing!

Catherine - 5:18 pm

Love your comment! Yes! Thank you for naming all of these amazing and, in my opinion, courageous folks. They have managed to out mold on the radar for the rest of the medical community and have helped so many people heal.


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